November 30, 2023

11 Best Apps to Use In Dubai While Visiting

best apps dubai


best apps dubai

Dubai is one of the world-famous tourist destinations everyone should visit to explore and enjoy Dubai. Dubai has many magnificent things not to miss, from majestic architectural wonders to extravagant shopping scenes through stunning beaches and world-class cuisines.

So, start planning your vacation to Dubai. The next big thing is how could anyone know all the buzz happening around Dubai city, we know that this is a concern to any tourist. Do not worry, we got this article to cover the “11 Best Apps in Dubai city” to make your visit an exciting and great one.

These days, technology makes every aspect of travel planning a bit easier. From booking your hotels, getting a ride, and sorting out what’s occurring — you’ll do all of that from your smartphones. This applies to Dubai, too.

These local and international apps are here to form the lives of residents and visitors lots simpler.

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Whether you’re in Dubai for a brief getaway or an extended layover, arm yourself with these apps. So, here is the list of the 11 best apps to download before you visited Dubai.

1. The Dubai Mall App

As the Dubai Mall is the biggest mall in the world, with 1,200 stores. Lots of shopping. It’s not surprising that this venue needs its own GPS.

The Dubai Mall app is free and helps people explore all that the mall should offer, catering to every individual’s taste and interests. In the app, people can choose if they need notifications about attractions, fashion, food, or lifestyle.

They may also put in their gender, allowing the smart software to produce information tailor-made for them. You know, the Dubai Mall is huge, so the app provides the direction for the mall, making it easier.

2. Wojhati

Are you somebody who doesn’t want to splurge on transportation? If yes, then you want to try Dubai’s public transportation.

Dubai’s conveyance could be a five-system network inclusive of Buses, Metro, Trams, Water Buses, and Monorails. Wondering the way to navigate through these systems? Easy, that’s where Wojhati comes into the image.

Wojhati is a great service provided by Dubai’s Roads & Transports Authority, where you’ll be able to find timetables and suggestions on which transport to require to succeed in your destination in no time. It surely comes in handy when you’re going to take transport.

This app is unquestionably a requirement before you visit Dubai.

3. the Culture Trip App

To find out all the most popular restaurants, hotels, and attractions in Dubai — or anywhere else within the world — the Culture Trip app is everyone’s succour.

It provides users with useful articles supported by their exact location, right down to the world of town they’re in. aside from looking for what’s new and classy, Culture Trip offers articles on the history of attractions around Dubai, allowing visitors to avoid wasting money travelling guides. It’s a good idea to download the app and bookmark interesting articles to read on the flight.

4. TenguGo App

TenguGo App your partner to know little of the local language.

Have you ever been worried you only might stray somewhere and not understand the local’s language? or even you just wanted to be told their language. regardless of the reason, maybe, if you would like to be conversant in Arabic and learn the fundamentals before you set foot in there, then you need to download the TenguGo app.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Emiratis speak English, and you will not have any problem getting by in English. But, if you would like to select some basic local words to bond with the locals or understand their culture, then confirm to download the app. Trust me, it’s one of the simplest apps to download before you visit Dubai.

5. Careem

Want a cab to catch your flight without any hassle of waiting? Want to roam around the city in a car, but don’t know where to book it? Well, there’s no have to worry once you have Middle East’s Uber – Careem, a carpooling app.

This Dubai-based company may be found in several other countries within the Near East, and it’s an excellent way of supporting an area business when visiting Dubai.

Alike many carpooling apps, you can use this app for booking rides, picked up and dropped off at your desired place. Careem’s drivers are called Captains, adding a part of the fun to the daily commute.

So, fan the flames of the app, request a ride, check for the fare and obtain going. The costs are good, especially for brief rides, and you’ll be able to pay via both cash and card.

6. Dubai Metro2 App

If you prefer public transport with better surroundings view, then the Dubai Metro2 app is for you. It is a reliable app with subsequent train times and details.

The speciality of this app is to provide precise information about stations, train times, and more. The Dubai Metro2 app isn’t only useful but also very informative, because it gives users a quick history of the Dubai Metro, similarly as an inventory of fines that users may be in danger of when using transport. As fines vary from $28 to $545, it’s crucial to be informed!

7. Talabat

When you’re on your vacation, you’ll be exhausted after a whole day of sightseeing that you simply won’t have the energy to travel and eat. And who wouldn’t love to have an order in and eat with your pj’s on? Although you’ll order in-room service, there’s still a way better idea. For this, you must have the Talabat app downloaded on your phone.

All foodies visiting Dubai have to download Talabat. This food delivery app is found in several countries within the geographical area, and it’s the simplest way for tourists to support an area business even when ordering their food.

The app offers many restaurants, cafes, and victuals choices to order from, and operates 24/7, allowing you to meet your late-night cravings. It also gives various offers, if you order from different food outlets.

8. Zomato

Another great food delivery app within the UAE, moreover as in 23 other countries, is Zomato. Although the choice of restaurants on the Zomato app won’t be as large as that on Talabat, it offers an extra service that is crucial for tourists: Zomato provides restaurant reviews.

The Zomato app covers almost every single restaurant in Dubai, irrespective of how small, allowing users to test out the menu, observe pictures and see reviews. this is often a must-download app!

9. VisitDubai

They say, “Information is power”. It is totally agreeable, especially when you’re in an unknown country, you need to have all the required information to urge by during your vacation.

And when in Dubai, the most effective thanks to source all this information is thru the Visit Dubai app. The Visit Dubai app is the official app from Dubai’s tourism department.

This app should be your first stop before you even visit the town. It contains a wealth of data from details on sights and attractions to what’s happening around the city through things tourists shouldn’t do when visiting Dubai to currency exchange.

You’ll find everything within the app and that’s why it’s one of the simplest apps to download before you visit Dubai.

10. GuavaPass App

Fitness could be a major part of many people’s lives, and lots of them do not want to compromise their workout routine while on holiday. GuavaPass is the ideal app to download when in Dubai.

The fitness app allows people to shop for a membership and offers several packages that may suit both residents and tourists, giving them access to over 80 fitness studios in Dubai alone.

The GuavaPass app also provides members with studios in the national capital and eight cities in Southeast Asia. A user has access to everything available on the app like yoga, boxing, CrossFit, and stand-up paddle.

You can choose a fitness routine that most accurately fits them, to stay up with their favourite exercise when travelling to Dubai.

11. Dubai Calendar App

Yet another best app to download before your visit to Dubai is the Dubai Calendar. Dubai isn’t only known for its architectural wonders, lavish restaurants, and huge shopping malls.

It is also home to breathe taking festivals, exhibitions, concerts, Dubai Festival, or even, Dubai Summer Surprise. And you need an app to remember it all.

The Dubai Calendar is additionally an app launched and maintained by the Department of Tourism to grant you one-stop resources on all the activities happening in Dubai.

For the most recent updates on events around the city, Dubai Calendar is everyone’s relief. This app is the best thanks to continuing with everything that’s happening within the city, including concerts, sporting events, and cultural happenings.

The Dubai Calendar app gives separates events, recommendations and allows you to filter events as per your interest. Another practical feature of Dubai Calendar is that folks can purchase tickets straight from the app, aggregating everything one has to be told and attending events in one place.