8 surprising facts you didn’t know about Sharjah beaches

Sharjah beaches and their treasures.

Sharjah is an emirate that blends the contemporary and urban with the traditional and cultural, creating a unique blend. Sharjah beaches are part of great surroundings in Sharjah and these beaches make life more colorful in Sharjah.

It is also the third most populated emirate in the United Arab Emirates, and because of its worldwide cultural ties, the city attracts millions of visitors every year.

Sharjah designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a cultural center of the Arab world. Surrounded by most intriguing and unspoiled places on the planet.

The city, which preserves the heritage and art of the Arab world, is also home to a stunning coastline, which includes some of the greatest beaches in Sharjah.

Spend a sumptuous and captivating vacation admiring the sunset or dawn from your resort, or organize an adrenaline-pumping activity as you’ve never experienced before. 

Enjoy yourself in the peaceful waters of the gulf as you uncover secret beaches on an excursion that differs from your typical desert trip.

Facts about Sharjah beaches

Al Corniche beach

Al Corniche located on the Sharjah shore has a long, tranquil expanse of sand and turquoise sea and this beach has been awarded the Blue Flag designation. It is a popular tourist destination because of the facinating surroundings, services, and white beaches that it offers.

A monthly footfall of between 30,000 to 50,000 tourists go to this beach, where they may swim or go for a stroll in the fresh air.

Al Corniche beach is well renowned for activities such as snorkeling and taking a leisurely sunbath while embracing the cool, lovely waves beneath the hot sun of the Arabian Peninsula. 

The beach extends its bounds along the corniche avenue, which serves as a gateway to some of the area’s most luxurious resorts and hotels.

There are cafés and restaurants nearby, making Al Corniche one of the greatest beaches in Sharjah for spending time with the family on any given day or during a holiday.

Al Khan Beach

Thanks to the baffling assortment of beachfront, the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, and engaging moods. Al Khan beach provides every free adventure and excitement you could possibly need for an entertaining vacation.

Al Khan Beach was the world’s first publicly accessible beach. With its medieval ruins, Sharjah was previously a well-known archaeological location for archaeologists.

Al Khan beach is conveniently positioned near some of the most renowned tourist sites in the United Arab Emirates. The Sharjah Aquarium and museums are just a few of the surrounding sites that you might include on your itinerary.

You don’t have to restrict your experience to leisure activities; you may get your socks dirty and participate in various adventurous sports such as kayaking or beach volleyball. Visitors to this Sharjah public beach may also enjoy boat excursions to keep them entertained throughout the day.

The Ajman Beach

The Ajman beach is one of the development initiatives undertaken by the United Arab Emirates in order to increase tourism. As a result, Ajman beach has become a gathering place for all beachgoers in the city. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the UAE.

Here you may spend a leisurely evening exploring every nook and cranny of this Sharjah open beach. The fact that it is within a short distance from the Dubai International Airport and makes it a popular destination for tourists looking for excitement and adventure. 

Plan a trip with the family to this beach for some surfing or just another beach excursion where you can kick back and take in the scenery. Restaurants, nightclubs, and other amenities are incorporated into the property to ensure that tourists have every convenience. 

Plan a trip with the family to this beach for some surfing or just another beach excursion where you can kick back and take in the scenery. Restaurants, nightclubs, and other amenities are incorporated into the property to ensure that tourists have every convenience.

There are also a number of hotels in the area where one can spend the day while taking in the breathtaking views of the greatest beaches in Sharjah.

Khorfakkan Beach

With its surreal beauty, Khorfakkan Beach has become one of the most popular Sharjah holiday destinations, drawing in a large number of visitors each year.

The beach, which is located to the north of Khorfakkan and overlooks the Gulf of Oman, provides a refreshing and enthralling atmosphere to relax in. The clear sea and smooth sand along the shore provide an ideal setting to relax and enjoy the day. 

In Sharjah, there are some of the most luxurious resorts available for leisure travellers who want to be close to the beach for a relaxing getaway.

The whole region is surrounded by lush green palm fringes that wrap around the white beach, and the relaxing air from the sea adds to the overall feeling of being there. While there are activities such as surfing and other water sports available, this private beach in Sharjah is strictly for luxury and relaxation.

Al Mamzar Beach

Al Mamzar Beach has two distinct features: a park and a Sharjah open beach, which are both located on the same property.

Al Mamzar beaches are just 2 kilometers away, making this a great place to spend the day lounging on the beach or taking in the sights.

The beach is popular among families for activities such as kayaking and jet skiing, and there are a variety of water games and activities for children to enjoy. 

Sheraton Sharjah Beach

It is the ideal place to eat a meal while taking in the vibrant atmosphere of one of Sharjah’s most stunning beaches from the comfort of one of the cafés located along the beach.

Whether you are an adventure seeker, a cyclist, a fitness fanatic, or a leisure seeker, this beach has everything you need to be ready for an amazing day on the water.

In addition to the benefits of a private beach, the Sheraton Sharjah Beach Resort & Spa provides luxurious accommodations while enjoying the tranquility of its surroundings.

Enjoy a day of pampering yourself with spa treatments and delectable meals at this five-star resort in the United Arab Emirates, where you can subsequently rest on the beach after a long day of seeing this fascinating country.

This Mediterranean island resort provides you with every amenity and leisure activity you could possibly want to make your day a luxurious retreat.

Water sports facilities are also accessible for those who want to get their adrenaline pumping. Because it is a private beach, it is not accessible to the general public.

However, guests of Sheraton Sharjah may take advantage of the tranquil beauty of this beach by arranging a night’s stay there.

Al Fisht Beach

If you’re not searching for adventure or thrills, Al Fisht Beach is one of the greatest beaches in Sharjah to visit if you’re simply seeking to relax. It’s also one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The white beaches and palm trees that surround the shoreline make it the perfect place to relax on a relaxed day in the sun. During the day, the sand seems like a dazzling crystal of soft white sand, producing an illusion when the light shines on it. 

As you ready absorb the pure beauty of this open beach, the cold and clear waves of the beach will improve your leisure experience even more. Families may organise a picnic here, and there are some of the greatest villas located near the shore for those who want to stay on the beach.

The beach provides a wide range of amenities and services to ensure that it is the finest public beach in Sharjah, taking good care of each and every visitor.

Lou Lou’a Beach

The Lou Lou’s Beach, which provides a luxurious escape, is well-known among honeymooners and families that like a posh atmosphere. Sharjah Beach, with its imposing and easygoing ambience, is the ideal place to unwind and chill down on a peaceful evening in the sun.

This is not only the greatest beach resort in Sharjah, but it is also one of the top beach attractions in the city, offering a perfect combination of relaxation and adventure. It is highly recommended by the majority of visitors.

The magnificent waterfront has even put up luxury accommodations with a private pool, as well as the Lou Lou’s café, restaurants in Sharjah, and other amenities for visitors. Involve oneself in an adventure such as jet-skiing or other water-related activities.


The beaches in Sharjah provide visitors with all of the thrills they could possibly want, including surfing, swimming, and more. The coastline of Sharjah is not only glistening with white sand and crystal blue sea, but it is also flanked with restaurants and resorts designed to provide you with the best possible experience.