November 30, 2023

Best Mosques in Abu Dhabi


Capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is one of the most popular holiday destinations. It is well oriented, industrial city with high skyscrapers and beautiful waterside location. The emirate is rich in history and culture and the development in technology, architecture and humanity is just an awe. The discovery of oil transferred Abu Dhabi in to a modern city and increased the revenue rate. It is the bustling center for trade and business.

Abu Dhabi has it all in it. It is no less than Dubai. From the traditional Emirati to the modern architecture, street bazaars to big and lavishing malls, the eco tour to incredible amusements parks. Not only it meets the demand of adults but also fulfils the wishes of children and different fan-based maniacs.  Fine dinners, shopping sprees draws people from all over the world. You will have enough entertainment to keep you going for hours. Sounds like a perfect place for a perfect holiday, isn’t it?  

If you are visiting Abu Dhabi, here the list of the top best places that you must need to visit! 

The Abu Dhabi Emirati is a cultural centre and trade hub of the United Arab Emirates. It awaits visitors who want an array of different experiences. Although the religious spots across the region are restricted to Muslims only, there are some that are hospitable non-Muslims further. Here are our top picks among the mosques in the United Arab Emirates’ capital.  

Here is that the list of 8 Mosques in United Arab Emirates’ capital  

The far preferred sightseeing attraction and Abu Dhabi’s landmark building, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, is all bound up in Macedonian marble. it’s absolutely beautiful with their unique fusion designs. The designs are from Mameluke, Fatimid and Ottoman. The prospects of the look element are to implement harmony and history of Islamic architecture, through a contemporary mosque. Both the inside and therefore the exterior, are full of glasswork, intricate carvings, and mosaic tiling.  

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi has the most important hand-woven carpet within the whole world, setting a record. it absolutely was manufactured by the Iran Carpet Company. The 5630 square-meter carpets were created in 9 parts and assembled within the mosque. This mosque is the home to world’s third largest chandelier which is made from brass, 24-carat gold and stainless steel. The development of the mosque itself took nearly 20 years to finish. it’s the most important mosque within the United Arab Emirates and might able to hold 40,000 worshippers. The mosque is devoted to the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al- Nahyan. Non-Muslims and other ex-pats are allowed altogether the parts of the mosque, including the vast library.  

Address: Al Khaleej al Arabi Street, Abu Dhabi.

Ousha Al Mazroui Mosque

The mosque is constructed during a way which will house an outsized number of individuals. Having a gigantic and spectacular architecture, this mosque lit up during the night with the hues of green. It creates magical environment. 

Grand Bur Dubai Masjid

Grand Mosque boasts of getting the tallest minaret in Dubai, and also the capacity to host 1200 worshippers at a time. Embossed in traditional Islamic architecture, the Grand Mosque acts because of the heart of the city’s religious and cultural life. Non-Muslims don’t seem to be allowed inside the mosque, however, can admire the 70m tall minaret. The visitors are advised to decorate appropriately for the identical. 

Mary the Mother of Jesus Mosque

As named before Mohammed Bin Zayed Mosque, Mary the Mother of Jesus is an important mosque in the Al Mushrif zone of Abu Dhabi. The name establishes and promotes connections between Muslims and Catholics and to keep up peace and harmony among people. Having a historical value and splendid architecture, this is often a must-visit within the capital city.  

Al Aziz Mosque

Situated on the Al Reem Island of the Emirate, the sky-scraping towers and therefore the unique modern design and architecture of Al Aziz Mosque in United Arab Emirates’ capital make it a requirement to go to. If you visit this mosque during the night time, you would have a magical experience as the walls are lit up with Arabic calligraphic which adds beautifies to the mosque.  

Mohamed Bin Masood Masjid

A very calm and peaceful place, Mohamed Bin Masood masjid doesn’t attract many tourists. Hence, you’ll sit for an extended time with none disturbance. Surrounded by parks, this place includes a great thing about its own kind.  

Treasury Adnoc Station Mosque

A very calm and peaceful place, Mohamed Bin Masood masjid doesn’t attract many tourists. Hence, you’ll sit for an extended time with none disturbance. Surrounded by parks, this place includes a great thing about its own kind.  

Mosque of Sheikha Maryam Bint Sultan

Located at the Al Bateen region of the Emirate, this mosque in Abu Dhabi is reached by multiple buses and other transport.