Safest country 2021: UAE Stands on 2nd Position

Safest country in 2021 – UAE occupied 2nd place in the world

According to fresh data issued by Global Finance on Wednesday, the UAE was classified as the world’s second safest country in 2021. Global Finance’s safest countries index assessed 134 countries based on their response to the coronavirus, as well as three primary variables such as the risk of war and peace, personal security, and natural disaster, as well as risk factors stemming from the coronavirus.

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All of the data in the report was derived up until May 30, 2021, and it took vaccinations per capita into account as a negative or positive factor, weighing it equally with the other fundamentals. The report stated, “In essence, a country’s overall score comes from the 50% of the fundamental variables, one-sixth covid vaccination per people, one-third COVID-19”

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The UAE presently leads the world in COVID-19 vaccine doses delivered, with 158.24 doses per 100 individuals; having administered over 15.5 million doses. As of July 6, the UAE had issued 15,650,988 vaccination doses; according to the latest data released on the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority’s (NCEMA) homepage. According to NCEMA, up to 74.5 percent of the population received at least one dosage; and 64.3 percent are fully vaccinated.

The UAE also tests more people per capita than most countries and has one of the world’s lowest fatality rates. Iceland was named the safest country in the new 2021 ranking, followed by the UAE and Qatar. Finland, Mongolia, Norway, Denmark, Canada, and New Zealand came in fourth and fifth, respectively.

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Qatar was ranked third in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) by Global Finance; followed by Bahrain (12), Kuwait (18), Saudi Arabia (19), and Oman (25). North America, Europe, and some countries in the Middle East and Asia occupied the top ranks; according to the research, owing to their wealth and developed status.

Developed countries are better ready than the developing countries to face and overcome some dangerous situations like a global pandemic. Yet, as the report points out, many of the world’s major economic powers (the United States, France, and the United Kingdom); as well as regional powerhouses (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) have become epicenters of the pandemic in their respective regions.