November 29, 2023

Sharjah Discovery Centre – About, Location, Time, Tickets, Things to Do

sharjah discovery centre

Sharjah Discovery Centre


Sharjah Discovery Centre – Complete Guide

Sharjah Discovery Centre

Sharjah, the third-largest emirate, is known for its cultural legacy. However, there are numerous entertainment alternatives in the city. We highly recommend a visit to the Sharjah Discovery Centre if you’re seeking exciting activities to do in Sharjah with kids. It includes learning activities centered on science and technology for children aged 3 to 12.

The goal of modern education is to make learning an enjoyable and dynamic process for children. On March 18, 1999, it was officially opened. As we discovered in our Sharjah Discovery Centre review, the Discovery Centre in Sharjah uses the same technique to educate your child to the world of science in a fun and participatory way.

Sharjah Discovery Centre – About

Sharjah Discovery Centre is a learning-focused entertainment center designed specifically for children aged 3 to 12. They get a one-of-a-kind opportunity to explore the world realistically and grasp how science and technology have made it a better place to live by visiting the facility. The location is absolutely safe, and young children can get answers to their questions while having fun in a colorful environment.

The entire space is separated into seven sections, each of which provides children with information on a particular topic. This agenda piques their interest and encourages them to learn more about the topic that most interests them. Surprisingly, many of the children also get the opportunity to find their latent skills at this center. The center’s main hall is well decorated, with vibrant colors and thematic exhibits. The center also has a theatre that hosts live performances as well as a few workshops. Visitors and students interested in learning and creating handicrafts or artwork would like these performances.

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Sharjah Discovery Centre – Location

The center is near Sharjah International Airport and is located on Al Dhaid Road, with the exit point located between interchanges 4 and 5. The majority of locals and ex-pats prefer to drive to their destination, whilst visitors prefer to take cabs. There are also shuttle buses that run between Al Dhaid and Sharjah City, with buses E306 and E307 stopping at the Sharjah Discovery Center.

Sharjah Discovery Centre – Timings

The Sharjah Discovery Centre is open during the following hours. On public holidays, however, contact the administration first for information.

Saturday through Thursday: 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Friday:  4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Sharjah Discovery Centre – Tickets

The cost of admission to the Discovery Centre Sharjah varies depending on whether the visitor is a child or an adult. The following is a complete list of Discovery Centre admission fees:-

Children under the age of two: Free to go wherever they choose.

Children (2-12 years old): 5 AED

Adults (13 years and older): AED 10

Seniors (60 years and older): AED 0

Individuals with Disabilities: No Charge

Sharjah Discovery Centre – Things To Do

The Discovery Centre provides a safe, dynamic, and child-centered environment in which children can both learn and play. The center is separated into seven different play zones, each with its own theme. Each area contains a variety of fun activities for youngsters. The Sharjah Discovery Centre’s seven-play zones are listed below.

Water World

Oceans and seas fascinate children; they are fascinated by the massive waves and the undersea realm, which is home to a diverse array of fish and other creatures. The Water World at the Discovery Centre Sharjah offers a variety of exciting and engaging activities for children to discover the aquatic world. This is one of the busiest sections, with kids eager to participate in water activities and ride the swinging boats. They also learn about aquatic life and have a good time creating water fountains.

The exhibit has a section dedicated to jellyfish. Children can learn about how this unique sea creature lives and moves through the water by participating in various activities. Jellyfish movements are mimicked by life-like plastic replicas put inside a transparent water-filled display. Kids spend hours upon hours in Water World’s fountain area, where they may let their imaginations run wild and doodle.

Body World

Children have a plethora of inquiries about the human body. A visit to the Sharjah Discovery Centre’s Body World display is an excellent way to expose children to human anatomy. Children will learn the purpose and function of each organ through life-like replicas of a skeleton and other human organs. The Body World is the portion of the website presents to the human body. The children are encouraged to learn about the functions of various bodily parts. They also take part in reflex tests, and many of them are fascinated by the skeleton and other anatomical exhibits.

Petroleum Refinery

Children learn about fuel extraction from various natural sources on land and at sea at the Petroleum Refinery exhibit. Kids can utilize a variety of machinery at the refinery to harvest fuel and other minerals.

Build Town

Children fascinate construction and architecture. Children can learn about the fascinating world of construction at Sharjah Discovery Centre. Children’s imaginations get sparks as they construct simple building models with construction blocks in the Built Town play zone. This section devotes itself to the design and building of structures that intrigue many aspiring engineers. As they learn about various development and mechanical processes, the youngsters begin creating using colorful building blocks. Cranes, pulleys, concrete mixers, and other construction-related games are among the exhibit’s major highlights.

Climbing Walls

At home, kids prefer to climb, scurry, and dangle from the furniture. Why not take them to a place where they can do all of this while being supervised by professionals and in a secure environment? Rubber grips and steps on the climbing walls allow children to master the fundamentals of rock climbing.

Drive Town

At Sharjah Discovery Centre, learning traffic rules is a lot of fun. The Drive Town play zone intends to increase children’s knowledge of traffic and road safety standards. To make the experience as authentic as possible for children, the Discovery Centre contains electric cars and tracks fashioned to replicate Sharjah highways and towns. While driving electric cars on the road, kids understand what traffic lights mean. The entire part is present to instill in children the importance of adhering to traffic restrictions in and around Sharjah. The children like driving electric cars on realistically designed tracks.

Sound Zone

The Sound Zone is a fun, interactive play area that shows how sound travels through air and water. The Sound Zone’s carefully constructed parts, which include intricate exhibits illustrating sound creation and movement across many mediums, aid children in grasping the notion of sound.

Sharjah Kids International Airport

The Sharjah Kids International Airport is meticulously build to resemble an actual airport, teaches children all they need to know about flying. This exhibit takes kids on a fantastic imaginative tour around the world. When the youngsters place their bags and carry-ons under the X-ray machine for a baggage check, the adventure begins. A recreation of an airport is build in which children can travel on a world tour. The Sharjah Kids International Airport is an excellent portion for encouraging one’s imagination, as players use their imagination and plastic wings to fly to famous international locations.

When kids put on their plastic wings and begin their global excursions across the clouds, the fun begins. Children travel throughout the world, visiting well-known sights that represent many towns and countries. The Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Statue of Liberty in New York, Big Ben in London, and Egypt’s Cairo Tower are just a few of the iconic structures. There are living replicas of an airport in the Airport Play Zone.


This portion entails purchasing food from a large store while the children get lesson about their nutritional requirements. They also learn to plan and purchase for their daily menus. The Supermarket exhibit is a great place to start teaching kids about the importance of eating a balanced diet. Children can construct their own health plan by selecting from a variety of options in this section of the Discovery Centre. Giving youngsters control over their own meal plans encourages them to eat healthily.

Sports World

Sports World is without a doubt the section that sees the most activity, with children participating in a variety of sports all under one roof. Football, basketball, and other sports, such as wall climbing, are successful in enthusing young athletes. Physical activities are also crucial for children’s growth. It also encourages children to work together and cooperate. At Sharjah Discovery Centre’s Sports World section, kids can compete in a variety of sports. A fully equipped football field, basketball court, and climbing wall will keep kids entertained for hours.

TV studio

With the help of lights, sounds, and cameras, children learn to develop, produce, direct, and record their own television shows. They are ecstatic to have their shows telecast live outside the studio area, which may include news and weather forecasts.

The Storyteller Area

Children, especially the younger ones, enthrall through the stories recounts to them by a storyteller who teaches them to distinguish between good and evil through instructional storytelling.  Every child enjoys a story that includes heroes, monstrous villains, and flying creatures such as dragons. The Discovery Centre’s Storyteller department keeps kids entertained with engaging instructional stories.