November 30, 2023

Top 16 in demand best jobs in the UAE


Do you want a boosting career in the United Arab Emirates? Many youth dreams of securing prominent positions in job and have a bright future. If you are one of them, then this is the article for filling your head with ideas.

 There is lots of high demand and paid jobs in the UAE. Despite the global pandemic, this Persian country has lots to offer. Some markets continuously grow and for growth they need in new talents. Why not, a talented person like you fill the position?  

Software Developers

This career is predicted to boom more and more, because of the rising number of tech start-ups. It is the most demanding jobs in the UAE, especially Dubai. Furthermore, the UAE has seen continuous growth of companies from all over the world. They need dedicated employees for further development.  

 Dubai also has Dubai Internet City, which strives to be the geographic region of the East, huge development. The tech-based companies are willing to pay high salaries to the System Programmers and Software Developers, for smooth performance of their computer devices as well as their work. If you are an expert in this field, then the UAE surely pays off.     

Expected Salary Range

  • Junior Software Developer (0-1 years’ experience): AED 6000 to AED 8000 (INR 1,19,869.36 to INR 1,59,833.00) 
  • Senior Software Developer (1-4 years’ experience): AED 8000 to AED 14,000 (INR 1,59,833.00 to INR 2,79,784.61) 
  • Mid-career Software Developer (5-9 years’ experience): AED 14,000 to AED 20,000 (INR 2,79,784.61 to INR 3,99,582.50) 
  • Experienced Software Developer (10+ years’ experience): AED 20,000+ (INR 3,99,582.50 +) 

Top Companies

  1. Experion Technologies  
  2. Dev Technosys  
  3. Verbat Technologies  
  4. Zoondia 
  5. Natweb Solutions.  

Merchandising Directors

If marketing or retail management is your study, try this job; it’s one in every of the simplest paying jobs in UAE. Merchandising Directors are employed by retails outlets, fashion stores, and entertainment business and that they are mainly liable for promoting these companies’ brands through different events and activities. Dubai is one in all the most countries that depend upon Merchandising Directors since they need an enormous number of business establishments, and as we all know, it’s one amongst the most important shopping hubs within the world.

Expected Salary Range

AED 36,000 to AED 52,000 (INR 7,19,426.58 to INR 10,39,171.72)  

Top Companies

  1. Earth Foods  
  2. West Zone  
  3. MAC Group  
  4. Concept Brands Group  
  5. Al Areen Trading Co. LLC  

Financial Analysts

If accounting is your field of study, and you’re looking to possess a brighter future, Dubai encompasses a place for you. The career is steadily rising, and it’ll remain one among the highest jobs in Dubai and also the UAE. Having accountants forecasting revenues and costs is that the backbone of any successful institution, hence the large need for them. Their role is to supply supervision over the investment decisions to require place. Dubai is thought for having an enormous number of malls, shops, and corporations that unendingly require accountants.  

Expected Salary Range

  • Junior analyst (0-1 years’ experience): AED 5000 to AED 8000 (INR 99,891.13 to INR 1,59,833.00) 
  • Senior analyst (1-4 years’ experience): AED 8000 to AED 10,000 (INR 1,59,833.00 to INR 1,99,866.57) 
  • Mid-career analyst (5-9 years’ experience): AED 10,000 to AED 14,000 (INR 1,99,866.57 to INR 2,79,784.61) 
  • Experienced securities analyst (10+ years’ experience): AED 14,000+ (INR 2,79,784.61 +) 

Top Companies

  1. Boston Consulting Group  
  2. MPH Consulting
  3. Services  Cisco 
  4. Goldman Sachs. 

Senior Bankers

Senior managers are the spine of any bank, because they take extremely important decisions, settle on long-term loans, interfere in investments that may raise the profile and control the image of the bank. that’s why it’s considered one among the foremost paid jobs in UAE, specifically in Dubai and national capital since they need the biggest banks within the geographic area that are surpass Senior Bankers.  

Expected Salary Range

  • AED 63,000 to AED 77,000 (INR 12,58,996.51 to INR 15,38,773.51)  

Top Companies

  1. Emirates NBD  
  2. National Bank of United Arab Emirates’ capital  
  3. Abu Dhabi full-service bank  
  4. First United Arab Emirates’ capital Bank  
  5. Dubai Islamic Bank  


Due to the variations of this career, it’s of course one in every of the highest jobs in demand within the UAE. there’s an oversized number of engineering specialties in several specializations. Furthermore, Engineers also get the privilege of getting big salaries. If you chose Chemical or Petroleum Engineering as your career, for instance, you’d doubtlessly find amazing job opportunities within the UAE, especially in Dubai. Petroleum and Chemical engineer have a distinct demand in the Gulf countries, especially the UAE. You know why, don’t you?  

Expected Salary Range

Mechanical Engineer  

  • Junior/Senior (0-4 years’ experience): AED 5000 to AED 8000 (INR 99,891.13 to INR 1,59,833.00) 
  • Mid-career (5-9 years’ experience): AED 8000 to AED 10,000 (INR 1,59,833.00 to INR 1,99,866.57 
  • Experienced (10+ years’ experience): AED 10,000+ (INR 1,99,866.57 +) 

Aerospace Engineer  

  • Junior/Senior (0-4 years’ experience): AED 12,000 to AED 15,000 (INR 2,39,756.57 to INR 2,99,663.19) 
  • Mid-career (5-9 years’ experience): AED 15,000 to AED 20,000 (INR 2,99,663.19 to INR 3,99,582.50) 
  • Experienced (10+ years’ experience): AED 20,000+ (INR 3,99,582.50+) 

 Electronics Engineer  

  • Junior/Senior (0-4 years’ experience): AED 5000 to AED 7000 (INR 99,891.13 to INR 1,39,861.64) 
  • Mid-career (5-9 years’ experience): AED 7000 to AED 10,000 (INR 1,39,861.64 to INR 1,99,866.57) 
  • Experienced (10+ years’ experience): AED 10,000+ (INR 1,99,866.57 +)

Petroleum Engineer  

  • Junior/Senior (0-4 years’ experience): AED 10,000 to AED 15,000 (INR 1,99,866.57 to INR 2,99,663.19) 
  • Mid-career (5-9 years’ experience): AED 15,000 to AED 20,000 (INR 2,99,663.19 to INR 3,99,582.50) 
  • Experienced (10+ years’ experience): AED 20,000+ (INR 3,99,582.50+) 

 Chemical Engineer:  

  • Junior (0-4 years’ experience): AED 10,000 to AED 12,000 (INR 1,99,866.57 to INR 2,39,756.57)  
  • Mid-career (5-9 years’ experience): AED 12,000 to AED 15,000 (INR 2,39,756.57 to INR 2,99,663.19 
  • Experienced (10+ years’ experience): AED 15,000+ (INR 2,99,663.19+) 

Top Companies

  1. Emirates NBD  
  2. National Bank of United Arab Emirates’ capital  
  3. Abu Dhabi full-service bank  
  4. First United Arab Emirates’ capital Bank  
  5. Dubai Islamic Bank  


Since you wish to understand everything about the highest paid jobs in UAE, lawyers must be mentioned. Lawyers is required for handling business legal affair as well as protect them from any illegal compliance. They manage contracts and legal agreements; they will also specialize in a particular task like copyright law or practice various areas of law. Since Dubai and national capital have variety of companies and organizations, lawyers are most needed there to manage all their legal matters.  

Expected Salary Range

  • AED 60,000 to AED 1,06,000 (INR 11,98,808.24 to INR 2117894.56) 

Top Companies

  1. Al Balooshi firm  
  2. Revin Legal Translation  
  3. Hikmat Fayad and Associates  
  4. Dubai Copyright Office  
  5. Taswiyeh  

Marketing and Social Media Specialists

 If you want to work as an SEO Specialist or at any field of selling and social media, then you have chances in UAE. New companies and markets are launching in UAE, so it’s obvious for them to market their brand using marketing techniques and Social Media. In these days, everything is run and controlled by Social Media. Or you can Social Media is the power house. Therefore, companies require employees to be accountable of this segment. They’re highly essential to take care of the evolution and therefore the development of the business.  

            These jobs are considered to be one among the simplest and most in demand jobs in UAE. And especially, one of the high demands job in Dubai. one in all the high demand jobs in Dubai precisely. Marketing is and will remain to the key to success for any company. Social media is taken into account a way to assist during this success. That’s the reason why it’s so demanding job in the UAE.  

Expected Salary Range

  • Junior/Senior Marketing Specialist (0-4 years’ experience): AED 3000 to AED 6500 (INR 59,927.63 to INR 1,29,956.37)  
  • Sales and Marketing Manager (5-9 years’ experience): AED 8000 to AED 13,000 (INR 1,59,833.00 to INR 2,59,743.07) 
  • Junior/Senior Digital Marketing Specialist (0-4 years’ experience: AED 7000 to AED 10,000 (INR 1,39,861.64 to INR 1,99,866.57 
  • Digital Marketing Manager (1-4 years’ experience): AED 10,000 to AED 14,000 (INR 1,99,866.57 to INR 2,79,784.61) 
  • Senior Digital Marketing Manager (5-9 years’ experience): AED 14,000 to AED 16,000 (INR 2,79,784.61 to INR 3,19,766.71)  
  • SEO Specialist (0-1 years’ experience): AED 3000 to AED 5000 (INR 59,927.63 to INR 99,891.13)  
  • SEO Manager (1-4 years’ experience): AED 7000 to AED 10,000 (INR 1,39,861.64 to INR 1,99,866.57) 
  • Content Marketing Executive (0-4 years’ experience): AED 5000 to AED 6000 (INR 99,891.13 to INR 1,19,884.83) 
  • Content Manager (5-9 years’ experience): AED 6000 to AED 9000 (INR 1,19,884.83 to INR 1,79,827.24) 
  • Social Media Specialist (1-4 years’ experience): AED 3000 to AED 5000 (INR 59,927.63 to INR 99,891.13)  
  • Social Media Manager (5-9 years’ experience): AED 5000 to AED 10,000  (INR 99,891.13 to INR 1,99,866.57) 

Top Companies

  1. EDS FZE  
  2. Bruce Clay Inc.  
  3. Amplify Dubai  
  4. Smart Click  
  5. EDirect. 

Accounting, Finance Professionals

If you observed Finance, or you’re working as an Accountant, you’d want to figure within the UAE. These professions are among the most effective jobs in UAE, specifically in Dubai. The launch of the international organizations lifted up the demand for this job. Chief Financial Officers (CFO) rank best since they need a large responsibility in maintaining the business.  

Expected Salary Range

  •  CFO: AED 50,000 to AED 90,000 (INR 9,99,026.61 to INR 17,98,212.36)  
  • Accountant assistants: AED 6000 to AED 10,000 (INR 1,19,880.82 to INR 1,99,801.37)  

Top Companies

  1. Honeywell  
  2. Puma  
  3. Rebel Foods  
  4. Robert Half  
  5. CBRE   


Are you a law student? Have you ever practiced any law activities before? If you did, then you must be friendly with the word, Paralegals.  This is one of the most demanding job in the UAE. As hiring a professional lawyer is very expensive. Paralegals are required for creating reliable business.  

          It’s most required within the UAE now a days, thanks to the new business groups, and since they’re new, they might rather hire a Paralegal than a lawyer to avoid paying an excessive amount of money. Paralegals mostly works in lawyer’s office, corporation, or governmental agency. A Paralegal could be a promising career that began to rise within the past decade, and it’ll still do so.  

Expected Salary Range

  • AED 7000 to AED 13,000 (INR 1,39,861.64 to INR 2,59,743.07) 

Top Companies

  1.  Charterhouse  
  2. Al Balooshi business firm  
  3. MAH Advocates and Legal Consultants  
  4. SM firm.  

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

You might false impression this job with the previous one, but they’re actually different. A CMO manages the marketing of a company and aims to enhance the brand. they create brand strategies to take care of and improve the merchandise or the brand. CMO is one of the highest paying jobs in the UAE. As there is large number of organizations and brands that requires CMO for managing and developing.  

Expected Salary Range

  • AED 80,000 to AED 90,000 (INR 15,98,410.99 to INR 17,98,212.36) 

Top Companies

  1. Allianz International Holdings  
  2. Cornucopia ltd. 
  3. Bright Fortune FMS  
  4. Reeqwest HR Consultancy Solutions  
  5. IT&M consultancy Service  


If you’re trying to find the jobs in-demand in Dubai, with or without experience, this career is one in all the most effective in this category. Teachers now can find their career boost within the UAE. International schools require teachers who can teach almost all subjects. Most faculties need 2-3 years of experience. However, some schools don’t necessarily demand expertise. The most in-demand teachers in Dubai are ESL (English as a second Language) and Arabic teachers.  

Expected Salary Range

  • AED 9000 to AED 15,000. (INR 1,79,892.10 to INR 2,99,663.19) 

Top Companies

  1. Dubai British School  
  2. Dubai College  
  3. Gems Jumeirah grade school  
  4. Gems Royal Dubai School  
  5. Delta English School  
  6. Al Khaleej International school.  

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

In case you’re curious to grasp about the best paying jobs in UAE, here is that the first one, and it’s quite obvious, right? No company can run its business without its CEO since she/he is that the boss and every one vital and important decisions are taken by him/her. This position is occupied all told the national and multinational companies that open within the UAE, especially in Dubai, to ensure the continuity of the business and its success.  

Expected Salary Range

  • AED 40,000 to AED 100,000 (INR 7,99,205.49 to INR 19,98,300.98)  

Top Companies

  1. MB&F  
  2. Pangolin Group  
  3. Edelman Near East  
  4. Frank Porter  
  5. Oriental Pearls

Hospitality and Tourism Professionals


Whether you’re a guide, chef, or managing a restaurant, the UAE is the right place for you. As you know well, the UAE is one among the popular destinations to a large number of nationalities, they invest in tourism and hospitality. It has millions of visitors per year. Thus, there is a huge requirement of employees as tour guide, host or hostess, chefs and cleaning staff, for showcasing their hospitality in the finest way.  

         The UAE is currently welcoming back many tourists and things are heading towards normal, even in this global pandemic situation. This suggests more job opportunities to serve them. These sectors are among the companies in demand and serve as the major contribution pillars for the expansion of the Emirates.  

Expected Salary Range

  • Restaurant Manager: AED 5000 to AED 8000 (INR 99,891.13 to INR 1,59,833.00) 
  • Hotel Service Supervisor: AED 3000 to AED 7000 (INR 59,927.63 to INR 1,39,861.64) 
  • Food and Beverage Supervisor: AED 2000 to AED 3000 (INR 39,959.38 to INR 59,927.63) 
  • Cleaning Staff: AED 2000 to AED 3000 (INR 39, 959.38 to INR 59,927.63) 
  • Tour Guides: AED 5000 to AED 7000 (INR 99,891.13 to INR 1,39,861.64) 

Top Companies

  1.  Arabian Hospitality Facility Supply LLC  
  2. Al Khaja Hospitality LLC  
  3. Nirvana Travel and Tourism 
  4. Rayna Tours and Travels  
  5. Hospitality Catering Establishment.  

Medical and Healthcare Staff

Are you in medical field? Or working out a way to career shift to medicine? Then, UAE is the right place to you. As there are around 180 Medical Centers and Schools in the UAE, which permits students from different part of the world to practice their profession. The UAE government puts extra effort on this job, especially because having strong medical field is very important. That’s why it’s the most in demand job in the UAE.  

           The career is extremely flourishing thanks to the increasing number of individuals within the country and it’s very crucial post-2020 pandemic. The UAE makes it its ultimate goal to worry for its people and protect them. Therefore, this never ending in-demand career in the UAE.  

Expected Salary Range

  • Nurse Staff: AED 6000 to AED 8000 (INR 1,19,869.36 to INR 1,59,833.00) 
  • General Practitioners: AED 20,000 to AED 35,000+ (INR 3,99,582.50 to INR 6,99,214.10 +) 

Top Companies

  1. American Hospital, Dubai 
  2. NMC Healthcare 
  3. MedCare 
  4. Sublime Homecare 
  5. Universal Hospital  
  6. Florida Homecare 
  7. Medi-Clinic  

Admin Assistants

Are you looking to figure in UAE as an admin assistant? Or a knowledge entry specialist? If your answer is yes, then you must read this thoroughly.  

         Administrative assistants play a significant role within the operations of any company because it’s crucial to ascertain strong relationships in business. They even have a flourishing future to be promoted to executive levels and management.  

      This job is one in all the best and demanding jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. Because most businesses within the UAE require assistants, secretaries, and data entry specialists to make sure the continuity of their work. This job offers a large range of opportunities and a good future. This is often among the most effective jobs within the UAE to work on as it is present all over the UAE. 

Expected Salary Range

  • AED 3000 to AED 8000 (INR 59,927.63 to INR 1,59,833.00) 

Top Companies

  1. Al Shafar Group  
  2. IYCON  
  3. Etisalat  
  4. Alpha Group  
  5. Irwin & DowTop of Form 

HR and Recruitment Specialists

In case your job is to be a recruiter, HR employee, or perhaps HR manager, you’ll find this very helpful and interesting in UAE. Employees pursuing this career not only have a good understanding of their company’s priorities, but also, they’ll affect the long run of it supported the choices they create. Human resources jobs within the Emirates are required in almost every company, so it’ll maintain its importance and rising opportunities. This need will keep increasing for the numerous numbers of companies, whether start-ups or long-standing companies within the UAE.  

Expected Salary Range

  • Junior HR Recruiter (0-1 years’ experience): AED 5000 to AED 6000 (INR 99,891.13 to INR 1,19,869.36)  
  • Experienced HR Specialist (1-4 years’ experience): AED 6000 to AED 8000 (INR 1,19,869.36 to INR 1,59,833.00) 
  • HR Manager (5+ years’ experience): AED 8000 to AED 20,000 (INR 1,59,833.00 to INR 3,99,582.50) 

Top Companies

  1. Accel Human Resource Consulting  
  2. Adecco Mideast  
  3. Education 1st Recruitment  
  4. PeopleFirst HR Consultancy.  

Computing Specialists

You are now reading about one in all the foremost in-demand jobs in UAE, specifically Dubai and United Arab Emirates’ capital. If you’re trying to find employment in UAE within the field of AI, you must know that the UAE’s strategy for computing has launched in 2017.  

      It aims at relying mainly on devices to store the maximum amount data as possible and perform with the smallest amount human resources, thus saving 50% of annual costs. Since this is often the UAE’s plan, they’ll surely demand employees to ensure the completion of the method. The National Programmer for computer science is that the governmental promise of implementing AI throughout the UAE and observe the impact upon the mankind.   

Expected Salary Range

  • Junior AI Engineer: AED 15,000 to AED 20,000 (INR 2,99,663.19 to INR 3,99,582.50) 
  • Senior AI Engineer: AED 20,000 to AED 35,000 (INR 3,99,582.50 to INR 6,99,214.10) 

Top Companies

  1. IBM  
  2. Siemens  
  3. Google AI  
  4. Omron Adept Technologies  
  5. Twerlo AI. 


                   This article was the summary of top jobs of the UAE which are in-demand and highest paid jobs. You get information of the popular jobs with details about salaries and future consistency. Hope that you have a fruitful career in Emirates.