UAE – List of Guinness World Record


UAE Record Breaking Records List


Nothing pleases the people of Dubai and the UAE more than breaking a new world record! Indeed, so many world records are being established in the UAE that a full-time Guinness World Record judge has been assigned to the country to handle the job; after all, a world record requires a great deal of inspection.

Check out this incredible collection of Guinness World Records from Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

The world’s tallest tower, UAE

Let’s start with the most impressive and visible structure in Dubai: the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest man-made skyscraper. It is the world’s tallest structure, standing at an astonishing 828 meters (2,716.5 feet).

The world’s largest flower garden

In the desert, there’s a flower garden? It’s hard to imagine, but Dubai Miracle Garden is tucked away in Dubailand, the city’s exclusive enclave. It was previously planned to be a big theme park destination, but it has since been relegated to the outskirts. The overall plan for a gorgeous garden, on the other hand, was not abandoned. The floral garden, which is open to the public seasonally from November to May each year, is a beautiful place to visit.

The World’s Highest Infinity Pool

The new Address Beach Resort, located at the end of The Beach in JBR, features an infinity pool on the 77th level! It’s officially the world’s highest infinity pool, rising 294 meters (964 feet) above ground level. It’s not the world’s longest, but at 94 meters, you’ll still be able to swim a few laps in this adults-only dreamlike paradise in Dubai.

The longest driverless Metro system

Did you realize that the Dubai Metro is completely self-contained? Yes, that’s correct. The Dubai Metro Red Line, which covers the length of Sheikh Zayed Road through the core of the city’s most prominent attractions, is one of the city’s most popular modes of public transportation. The 52.1-kilometer track, when connected with Dubai Metro’s 22.5-kilometer Green Line, creates the world’s longest driverless metro system, surpassing Vanuatu’s.

The largest dancing fountain show in the world

The nightly Dubai fountain show on Burj Khalifa Lake in Downtown Dubai used to hold the record, however, with the opening of the Palm Fountains on October 22, 2020, a new record was set. The Palm Fountain super shooter, located in the seas between Atlantis the Palm and The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah, soars a startling 105m into the sky and the record-breaking fountain display covers 7,327 m2.

The world’s highest tennis court

The helicopter pad at the Burj Al Arab looks like something out of a James Bond film. In 2005, Federer and Agassi played a match atop the helicopter pad to promote the ATP Dubai Duty-Free tennis (bags weren’t playing ball boy for that one) and set a new world record for playing at 211 meters above ground level.

The world’s largest hand-woven carpet

The world’s largest hand-woven Persian carpet measures 5,630 m2 (60,600.81 ft2) and can be found on the floor of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It took around a year and a half for 1,200 weavers to complete. The Iran Carpet Company created it, and it was shipped to Abu Dhabi in 9 parts for final installation. It has 2.2 billion hand-tied knots and weighs over a ton.

The world’s tallest hotel

The Gevora Hotel in Dubai currently has the title of the world’s highest hotel, surpassing the JW Mariott Marquis by one meter! The Gevora is a 528-room hotel with a height of 356 meters (1,168 ft). There are technically taller hotel rooms at The Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong, from floors 102 to 118, although the 488m tall International Commercial Centre skyscraper in which they are located is not a dedicated tower.

The world’s fastest roller coaster

Formula Rossa, a 240 km/hr coaster located at Ferrari World on Yas Island, is all we’re talking about. There are lots of other thrill-seeking rides here, such as Flying Aces, the world’s steepest and fastest cable lift (51 degrees and 30km/hr), and the world’s tallest inverted loop at 52m, but the record-breaking Formula Rossa continues to draw the crowds!

The largest Mall in the world

Although Dubai Mall remains the market leader with 1.1 million square meters (nearly 12 million square feet) of retail space and over 1200 outlets, several Asian malls, including New South China Mall and Golden Resources Mall in China, and Central World in Bangkok, claim to be larger in terms of leasable area and total shops.

The world’s largest indoor climbing wall

This is yet another record for Abu Dhabi’s spectacular Yas Island entertainment parks (but wait, there’s more!). SUMMYT, a 141-foot gigantic wall that indoor rock-climbing specialists may summit all year, is part of the CLYMB indoor climbing gym.

The most leaning tower in the world

Why should Pisa’s leaning tower have all the fun? Capital Gate Tower in Abu Dhabi stands 160 meters tall and is designed to tilt 18 degrees to the west, making it the world’s farthest-leaning building. The Andaz Hotel also claims to boast the world’s highest suspended swimming pool, however, this has yet to be verified as a Guinness World Record.

The world’s largest indoor theme park

For this record at Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi, we’re back on Yas Island Abu Dhabi. The completely indoor theme park is open all year and features 29 rides and attractions ranging from DC comics heroes and villains to Cartoon Junction, Looney Toon Favourites, and the Flinstones.

Most skyscrapers in the world

While we’re on the subject of extremely tall structures… That’s right, you guessed it. Dubai boasts more skyscrapers exceeding 300 meters in height than any other city on the planet. As of 2019, Dubai has 21 skyscrapers that reach this stratospheric height, exceedingly even the Chinese megacities of Shanghai and Hong Kong.

The world’s twistiest tower

Let’s keep going with the city’s colossal statistics. Cayan Tower is located in Dubai Marina. The building’s floors rotate at a 1.2-degree angle from one another, causing the 307.3 m (1,008.2 foot) structure to twist a full 90 degrees from its base.

The world’s longest zipline

The country’s tallest mountain, at 1,934 meters, is found in the northern Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah (unfortunately, no world record breakers there!) It does, however, have the world’s longest zipline. The longest uninterrupted span of the zipline, which opened on January 31, 2018, is 2,831.88m (9,291 ft), shattering its way into the record books.

The world’s longest handmade gold chain in UAE

While we’re on the subject of jewelry, the “Dubai Celebration Chain,” a 22-karat, 256-kilogram. The masterwork created to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Dubai Shopping Festival; took over 100 craftsmen 45 days to complete. It was unveiled in January 2015 at the Deira Gold Souk — and then dismantled and sold in pieces.