Indulge yourself in one of the most exotic experiences possible by paying a visit to the Dubai Safari Zoo. It will allow you to get up and personal with a variety of wild creatures. Furthermore, the very fact of entering a world populated by so many creatures in one location is a genuinely extraordinary experience in and of itself.

Whether you’re looking for exotic animals, engaging activities, exciting animal shows, or tasty cuisine, Dubai Safari Park provides everything you need for a memorable vacation. When it opened in December 2017, it took the place of Jumeirah Zoo on a much bigger scale, providing visitors to Dubai with the opportunity to get up close and personal with a variety of rare and exotic creatures.

A marching band featuring exotic animals and birds leads a parade across the park to commemorate the park’s closing. As a precaution against the scorching summer heat, the officials will relocate the animals and birds to shady regions and cooler cages. During the pause, it is anticipated that the park will undergo renovations, including expansion.

Dubai Zoo

Dubai Safari Park, which opened in the place of the famed Dubai Zoo on the occasion of the latter’s 50th anniversary, is a dynamic animal sanctuary that focuses a strong emphasis on teaching and raising awareness about wildlife conservation. A variety of interactive activities are offered in the park to bring children connected to nature while also teaching them more about the creatures they encounter. As a result, the park has developed a number of educational initiatives for students in the surrounding area.

It’s interesting to note that the park simulates a variety of environments from across the globe. This wildlife reserve offers visitors the opportunity to see the whole planet, from the Savannahs of Africa to Asia’s tropical jungles, all in one place. Deer, bears, tigers, cheetahs, chimps, and a variety of other species may be found within the huge collection. You will not only get to see all of these species, but you will also learn more about their habitats and ecosystems while you are here.

Dubai Safari Park Zoo has five villages to explore

Safari Village

This classic open safari will transport you to the rainforests of Asia and Africa, allowing you to get up close and personal with the creatures. A specifically developed vehicle will transport you to the locations where creatures such as baboons, zebras, deer, cheetahs, water buffaloes, magnificent lions, and royal tigers may be seen in their natural habitat.

African Village 

In Dubai Safari Park, an African Village is well-known for its extensive collection of exotic species from the continent. These habitats, which are divided into an African Savannah and a Rainforest, are home to African wild dogs, giant tortoises, chimpanzees, and white lions, among other animals.

Arabian Village

In this Arabian Village, surrounded by sandy deserts, rocky mountains, and green meadows, you’ll find incredible diversity in flora and wildlife. Animals that inhabit this area include wolves, nilgais, and antelopes, all of which are readily seen.

Asian Village

Take a stroll through the deep forest and get up close and personal with some of the region’s most stunning bird species, including gibbons, moon bears, and even Komodo dragons, which live in the region’s lush Asian woods. Such an experience can only be had in Dubai Safari Park, which is in the United Arab Emirates.

Wadi Village

This is mostly a recreational place where people can go and rest while also having a good time with their friends and families. The Dubai Municipality has also implemented various environmentally friendly projects, such as solar-powered water streams and fishing ponds located across the city.

Conservation efforts are underway in Dubai Safari Park (DSP)

While the Dubai Municipality intended to build the Dubai Safari Park for entertainment purposes, the park was also designed to protect and offer a home for about 5500 animals, birds, and reptiles. Furthermore, the park will make attempts to safeguard endangered species by doing a thorough study of their habitats.

Indulge yourself in one of the most exotic experiences possible by paying a visit to the Dubai Safari Zoo. It will allow you to get up and personal with a variety of wild creatures. Furthermore, the very fact of entering a world populated by so many creatures in one location is a genuinely extraordinary experience in and of itself. In the event that you are contemplating the most efficient means of getting to Dubai Zoo Park, then driving there will be your solution to your problem. In addition, you may go by metro green line and then continue your trip by cab to your destination.

People who want to go by car should be aware that parking is provided at the Dubai Zoo Safari Park at no additional cost to them. There are a total of 3,500 accessible free parking spaces. However, if you prefer to take advantage of VIP parking, you will be required to pay AED 50 per day. Keep in mind that the location is one of Dubai’s most popular tourist destinations, so expect to wait in huge lines. Consequently, it is advised that you make reservations in advance by making your payment online, otherwise, you will most certainly spend half of your time waiting in lines. Furthermore, when browsing their website, it is recommended that you look for Dubai Safari Park specials and promotions. These deals emerge from time to time and are often a terrific method to get more advantages at a reduced cost.

Reasons to visit Dubai Safari

The Dubai Safari is one of the city’s newest attractions, having opened just recently. With enormous animal displays and picnic spots, it’s far more than just a “zoo.” It’s a destination in and of itself.

So, what are the benefits of taking your family to Dubai Safari?

Real-life encounters

Have you been able to locate the spotted hyenas? At Dubai Safari, you will ride on a comfortable bus through the Safari Village, where you can see animals completely uninhibited in their natural environment.

Prepare for crocodiles resting in the sun, the jungle’s ruler gazing beyond his borders, and hippos swimming around cheerfully in the water, among other things.

Around the globe

You will get the opportunity to witness creatures from all over the world in one location. This year’s gathering features everything from gazelles and Arabian wolves to saiga and mouflons inside the Arabian Village and everywhere in between.

Apart from getting up and personal with friendly gorillas and chimpanzees, you’ll also get the opportunity to see rare species like the Indian one-horned rhino and gibbons.

Creepy crawlies

What’s the point of taking snakes on a plane when you can see them up and personal at the Reptile House? The African Village’s dangerous, non-poisonous, and endangered kinds of snakes, reptiles, and vipers, including pythons, are not friendly, but they are a sight to see. The African Village is a must-see visit on any trip to Dubai Safari.

Safe play

Young animal enthusiasts will enjoy the Kids’ Farm, where they will be able to touch their favourite domestic animals in a safe environment. Children engage with ponies, goats, bunnies, turtles and other animals in a learning atmosphere that is bursting with charm, thanks to the committed and kind personnel who supervise their interactions with the animals.

Picnic Area

Picnicking in Dubai Safari’s Al Wadi Area, a huge length of the green area where children may run free while their parents relax to the relaxing music of flowing water, is a great option.


Unlike any other wildlife park in the UAE, the Dubai Safari Park provides an immersive wildlife experience unlike any other. A great deal of effort has gone into keeping the animals here and as comfortable as possible, which is a significant improvement over the formerly tight conditions of the former Dubai Zoo. We strongly suggest it as a day of entertainment for all animal lovers in Dubai and throughout the world!