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The Dubai Dolphinarium opened its doors in 2008 and has quickly established itself as one of the city’s most popular leisure attractions. The Dubai Dolphinarium is the first of five ideas at Dubai Marine World, the others being the Coral Reef Aquarium, Fish Farm, Gatorville, and a research and rehabilitation centre. The Dubai Dolphinarium is sponsored and maintained by the Dubai government.

This one-of-a-kind facility has been created mainly to educate and amuse visitors of all ages while highlighting the importance of dolphin conservation and the preservation of other endangered aquatic animals in a safe environment. The Dolphinarium in Umm Hurair, Dubai, is a fascinating combination of nature and science that transports visitors on a beautiful voyage through the adventurous underwater world. The Dolphinarium is located inside the gorgeous Creekside Park in Umm Hurair and is a fascinating blend of nature and science.

This ultra-modern dolphinarium is the Middle East’s first indoor marine mammal facility to be totally air-conditioned from the inside out. As a result, the temperature here swings between 21 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius, making it a popular summer destination.

The Mirror Maze, 5D /7D theatrical experience, trampoline, and other virtual reality events that are organised here are well worth participating in if you have the opportunity. Although some of them are intended to test your capacity to think critically, others are intended to provide pure amusement value.

More about the Dubai Dolphin show

The Dubai Dolphinarium, which is located in Creek Park, provides you with the entire freedom to spend some refreshing time with the magnificent dolphins and seals of the world. This Dolphinarium, which has evolved from being a one-of-a-kind family entertainment zone to being one of the most popular places to visit in Dubai, takes you on an exciting journey with these aquatic creatures.

They are properly taught to demonstrate the brilliance of their talents and water feats, and they are very stunning to see. So don’t be surprised if you see a dolphin dancing to the beat of the music or a seal chasing balls around.

They are all here to provide you with the greatest entertainment they can provide. Seek a lovely vacation away from the stresses of everyday life and immerse yourself in these magnificent beasts’ live stunts and performances.

Throughout the year, the Dubai Dolphinarium organises special presentations in which they showcase the live performances of its brilliant water animals. So, when you plan your visit here to the Dubai Dolphinarium, be sure to arrange it in line with the currently scheduled performances.

For an added thrill, the Dubai Dolphinarium trip gives you the opportunity to swim with these infamous dolphins while being closely monitored by trained professionals.

Dubai Dolphinarium Highlights

  • Pay a visit to the Dubai Dolphinarium. You will get the opportunity to get up close and personal with gentle creatures at the only completely air-conditioned indoor dolphinarium in the whole Middle East.
  • This fantastic 45-minute dolphin performance, which takes place in the Creekside Park in Bur Dubai, allows spectators to see the dolphins interact with their trainers and other audience members via dancing, hugging, kissing, and other forms of play.
  • Take the opportunity to witness other marine wildlife, such as fur seals, who will leave you speechless with their antics.
  • Photograph and record these animals as they demonstrate their dancing, singing, painting, and juggling abilities to the general public.
  • Get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to engage with these dolphins, hug them, play with them, and learn more about them, their environment, their behaviour, and other characteristics throughout your visit.
  • Get a free picture taken with these cute aquatic creatures to take home as a remembrance of your visit.
  • After the dolphin and seal show, stay for an extra illusion show at the Dolphinarium, which is free of charge.

Interesting Facts


In addition to the extremely complex laser, lighting, and sound system, this AED 33 million project includes an extended 180-degree main arena with cinema-quality seating for 1,200 people and an expanded 180-degree side arena with seating for 1,200 people.

It is designed to be used in the vicinity of a 5.5-foot-deep saltwater pool that holds more than three million litres of water.

The facility also has a habitat pool that is designed to replicate a dolphin’s natural habitat area and a sealed pool, all of which are cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. A medical pool is also linked to the facility in order to meet the health needs of the marine animals.

Classrooms with marine-themed themes, a multimedia library, and a children’s gym are also available on the site. The dolphinarium also offers a Happy Valley Restaurant, which serves a delectable array of cuisines suitable for both children and adults, a Gift Shop, where a variety of souvenir toys can be purchased, and restrooms, all of which are designed to ensure maximum comfort and convenience of visitors.

Marine Mammals are a group of animals that live in the ocean

Five clever and lovely Black Sea Bottlenose dolphins, including Fekla, Jerry, Ksyusha (Ksyusha is a member of the Ksyusha family), Senya (Senya), and Tetka (Tetka), as well as four Northern Fur Seals, are kept in a well-maintained habitat at the Dubai Dolphinarium.

The most recent addition

The Dubai Dolphinarium welcomed a new member to the family on May 28th, 2012: an adorable baby bottle-nose dolphin named Senya, who was born to Senya and Kyushu. The dolphinarium recently announced that guests would have the chance to meet the adorable young one during its 5th-anniversary festivities, which will take place from May 17th through May 25th, 2013.

Diverse Recreational Activities

Dolphins and seals put on a great 45-minute show that includes dancing, juggling, painting, and even playing basketball. This is unquestionably the facility’s most notable appeal, and it is a must-see for everyone visiting.

The addition of a complementary effect created by modern lasers and lighting in collaboration with appropriate music enhances the whole experience of this dolphin performance.

Furthermore, the educationally linked lectures and activities offered by dolphin specialists and marine mammal scientists specialising in marine mammals at the Marine Mammal Education Centre are significant and worthwhile.

Perhaps the most popular activity among your children will be picture sessions with lovely dolphins and sea lions, which will enable them to capture some unforgettable moments with these wonderful creatures. Another fascinating portion is a film shoot in which a dolphin pulls a little rubber boat with your child inside it, which is very entertaining.

The dolphinarium also offers the option to swim with dolphins, which allows visitors to get even closer to this marine species. Most importantly, it provides space for many types of gatherings and events, including cocktail receptions, weddings, business events, dinner parties, and birthday celebrations.

Dolphin and Seal Show

Have you ever experienced the enchanting combination of dolphins as well as seals? If not, Dubai Dolphinarium allows you the liberty to witness these magnificent aquatic animals perform at their finest. These huge aquatic animals will captivate you with their endearing abilities and acrobatics. They are taught to sing, play balls, and juggle.

Don’t be surprised if you see them leaping through hoops; they’ve been well enough and trained to do so! Your exhibition will span 45 minutes and will include these animals displaying their works of art.

Why You Should Go To The Astonishing Dolphin Show In Dubai

How To Reach Dubai Dolphinarium

You have two alternatives for getting to the Dubai Dolphinarium from Dubai International Airport:

1. Take the Metro:

To get to a metro station, you must first go to Airport Terminal 3. To get to the Redline, which operates every 10 minutes, you must first go to the station. Once you have boarded the ship, disembark in Burjuman. Burjuman will be at your doorstep in less than 9 minutes.

To go to Dubai Health Care City, you’ll need to get on a Green train, which will take you there. It should take no more than 6 minutes. After leaving Dubai Health Care City, walk for about 14 minutes in the direction of your ultimate destination.

2. By taxi:

If you are travelling with a party of three to four people, it is always preferable to hire a taxi to transport you to your ultimate location. You may also arrange for a private Dubai international terminal pickup to drop you off at the Dubai Dolphinarium within 10 minutes of your flight arrival.