February 24, 2024

Desert Safari Abu Dhabi- The Complete Guide

desert safari abu dhabi


abu dhabi desert sfari

Desert Safari national capital, Abu Dhabi could be a fun-loving ride through the desert, it makes us urge indulged into the culture and tradition of the emirates. Many tourists visit Abu Dhabi only for encountering the desert safari tour. Dune bashing is an unavoidable thing to do in desert safari. Dune bashing may be a beguiling adventure for sports lovers.

Passing the vehicle through the huge dunes and undergoing the instant of the vehicle is erratic. The ride is terrific but quite impressive. Desert safari is inspiring and amusing, after dune bashing visitors are taken to the Bedouin campsite within the middle of the desert. Don’t worry, the best arrangements are made to lift the adventurous spirits of the tourists.

Another adventure activity is sand skiing. it’s a dangerous action just like the ice-skiing and may be practiced with professional experts. One of the best parts of the desert safari tour is Camel riding. Enjoying the desert sunset brings happiness yet a sense that the entire world is painted with golden color.

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The tourists are often overwhelmed by the tasty flavor and attractive appearance of the BBQ dinner and other delicious Arabian dishes. Henna painting and falcon are other amusing desert events. and delightful Desert sky with peppered stars, these everlasting memories will always remain the happiest time of your life.

Morning Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

How about having a mesmerizing morning sun with some safari adventure? Sounds fun, right? After all morning desert safari in Abu Dhabi is thrilling! It is an adventurous trip traveling zig-zag in the sands of Abu Dhabi. This is perfect for those tourists who don’t have time to spare in the morning. The desert safari is all about four hours in the morning which is a great way to start your morning. Abu Dhabi safari gives a great opportunity to the tourists to explore the beautiful dunes and vast deserts. A great experience to add to your book.

Speaking about the morning safari session, it begins with dune bashing for nearly 45 minutes on the high dunes. After experiencing the roller coaster ride within the desert you’ll run the chance to ski on the dunes with sand boards. At that time, you may be taken to abandon camp where we are going to serve refreshments (Water and Soft drinks). At the camp, you’ll dress in traditional costumes (Kandora or dishdasha for men, abaya for women). There’s also a Camel ride which you must not miss. there’ll be a lot of opportunities to click photos and you’ll find it irresistible.

After all these desert activities you’ll be dropped back to your location.

Morning Desert Safari Abu Dhabi Tour Includes:

  • Pick up and drop in 4×4 Wheel
  • Camel Riding
  • Camel Farm Visit
  • Dune Bashing / Desert Driving
  • Local dresses for men and ladies for pictures
  • Sand Boarding
  • Soft drinks and water – refreshments

Evening Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

Morning safari and all is cool but how about evening desert safari and having BBQ dinner in the open, under the stars? Sounds romantic, right? This is not to miss the chance for all the stargazers. The location of the desert safari is Al Khatim desert, around 50 minutes drive from the nation’s capital Abu Dhabi. 

The evening desert safari of Abu Dhabi compromises the journey across the sands filled with fun, thrill, entertainment, and lots of adventure. Abu Dhabi evening desert safari is about 5 hours. It is a perfect chance to have a glimpse of Abu Dhabi’s rich culture and unique tradition.

The package of the desert safari includes a visit to the sand dunes, a desert sunset, and a ride on a camel. You’ll be able to also enjoy an Arabian BBQ and an entertainment show in the national capital Bedouin camp. The professional drivers trained in desert driving will lead the dune driving in the 4wds.

Come and take part in a night of adventure different from the other on this 6-hours excursion to the desert of the United Arab Emirates’ capital, Abu Dhabi. By afternoon, leave town and head towards the desert to find the true ambiance of the national capital.

Take a journey to the standard Arabic camp, where you’ll get the chance to do different activities like henna painting and belly dance. Also, try Shisha smoking, yet as savor sample Arabic sweets and occasional significant to Bedouin culture.

Next comes the BBQ dinner under the starlit sky, with some live Arabian entertainment to confirm it’s an evening to recollect. Sit back and knowing what Arabic hospitality means, with Arabic coffee and dates served as they need been for hundreds of years, which still continues to be served in Emirati homes.

Evening Desert Safari Abu Dhabi Tours Includes:

  • Pick Up and move by 4×4 Wheel Drive
  • Camel Riding
  • Soft Drinks, Tea Coffee and drinking water
  • Camel Farm Visit
  • Sand Boarding
  • Falcons for picture
  • Local dresses for men and girls for a picture
  • Henna Tattoo or Henna Painting
  • Arabic Hospitality upon Arrival with Arabic Coffee/Tea/Dates
  • Bedouin type camp
  • BBQ dinner with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options
  • Thanoura Dance
  • Live entertainment

Overnight Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

Who wouldn’t love to enjoy a night camping in the Abu Dhabi desert? Shout to all the night gazers, you can enjoy a star-lit night in the desert.  Abu Dhabi Overnight Desert Safari surely gives you a true adventure.

It’s a whole desert adventure that offers visitors almost everything – Dune Bashing, Camel Riding, Sand Ski, Sheesha Smoking, Henna Painting, Soft Drinks, Tea, and occasional, Open BBQ Buffet Dinner, Belly Dance Entertainment, etc. You may be given mattresses to sleep, sunrise experience, served with breakfast, and dropped back at your accommodation.

Overnight United Arab Emirates’s capital Desert Safari gives you the opportunity to spend an evening go into Ali Baba’s tents, which may be a replica of traditional Bedouin-style camp. Here you’ll experience the serene and calm atmosphere of the desert night. you may be taken for a roller dune ride and then you attain the desert camp by sunset. There a standard welcome awaits the visitors with Arabic coffee, and tea, and dates. Meanwhile, the charcoal fire is lit to organize the dinner late at night.

Now it’s time for you to relax in Arabic tents that are furnished eloquently with carpets and pillows for your comfort. attempt to have some henna tattoo or choose a camel ride. For the evening entertainment, you will get a show of belly dance and soulful Arabic music. Barbeque dinner served beneath the starlit skies. at the moment it’s time to settle in, get into your sleeping bags to experience a singular night go in the desert. The camp disperses after breakfast within the following day.

Abu Dhabi Overnight Desert Camping Safari Package Includes

  • The pick-up time will be between the evening 15:00 to 15:30 and drop off by 09:00 AM (approximate) morning.
  • Travel from the hotel on a 4×4 wheel drive and drive to abandon
  • Camel Farm Visit
  • Dune bashing/dune drive
  • Enjoy the Sand Boarding / Sand Skiing on the Dunes
  • Henna Painting
  • Camel Riding
  • Sheesha Smoking
  • Traditional Arabic Costumes – For the images
  • Belly Dance Show
  • Tanoura Dance
  • Dates with tea, coffee & soft drinks
  • BBQ Dinner Buffet with (Barbeque)
  • Sleeping bags, Pillows, and Blankets
  • Bedouin Camp, or Instant Tents
  • Bon Fire
  • Breakfast
  • Drive back to Abu Dhabi

Camel Trekking Abu Dhabi

Desert  Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Camel Trekking, well the name itself explains a lot. In this trekking, you get the chance to travel the vast spreading sands of the nation’s capital desert on the rear of the camel. How cool is that! You’ll experience the nuances of a camel ride through camel trekking. You’ll experience the strange sensation of being lifted up within the air because the camel stretches its long legs to begin the trekking. United Arab Emirates’s capital camel trekking gives you a rare opportunity to grasp the Bedouin type of life within the times of yore when the city’s forefathers traveled across deserts on the rear of camels.

Camel trekking may be a rare opportunity to experience desert on a private level. As you cling on to the hump of the camel with a smile, and with a mind that’s half anxious and half adventurous, and because the camel moves to thump within the desert kicking the golden sand, you’re opened to a brand new world. In your trek within the “ship of the desert” on a camel caravan, you’d often see an insect crawling on the sand, a desert snake passing by, amazing desert vegetation, a lot of surprises, and keep guessing. During the long trek, you may see signs of sunset and by the top, you’d witness the sunset from the highest of a camel.

In the Bedouin desert camp, your long camel trek will end. The experience will be smooth as if doing on the cushions and carpet. You will get some refreshment after the long dry ride. I can guarantee you; the camel trekking will be finding a permanent place in your memory.

Worrying about the security? You will enjoy camel trekking under the guidance of the expert staff. Don’t worry about the security, it’s ensured and other people are taking care of you during the trekking. Leave safety to us, we’ve got expert guides to steer you within the desert.

Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Important Point to Remember

Desert Safari Abu Dhabi | Desert Tours in Abu Dhabi
  • To avoid any vomiting and sickness, it would be better if you take a lightweight supper before the dune bashing safari trip.
  • Avoid safari trips if you have succumbed to any heart, back, or neck problems.
  • As you must know dune bashing is really bumpy, so not recommended for small children, older people, and pregnant women. You do have an option to choose the safari without the dune bashing or dune driving.
  • In the month of Ramadan, you won’t find any entertainment. The tour packages come with pickup and drop-off timing and vary depending on the season.
  • Wear comfortable and straightforward clothing. you’ll prefer to wear Cotton Shorts, Cotton shirts, or lightweight tops are suitable.
  • You’ll carry additional shawls/jackets for the winter season when the temperature cools down within the late evenings. It’s advisable to wear open shoes or sandals. Don`t forget to wear sun-block creams. Also, please remember to hold a hat & sunglasses.
  • Should you’ve got a dream you’d wish to fulfill, we’d like to hear from you to form it happen! Contact us for the rates of the various activities you would like to mix.

Frequently asked questions – Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

How does one indurate a desert safari?

Have an early and light-weight snack. Wear comfortable and straightforward clothing. you will favor wearing Cotton Shorts, Cotton shirts, or lightweight tops are suitable. you’ll carry additional shawls/jackets for the winter season when the temperature cools down within the late evenings. it’s advisable to wear open shoes or sandals. Don`t forget to wear sun-block creams. Also, please remember to hold a hat & sunglasses.

Is desert safari safe during the pregnancy period?

Evening Desert Safari United Arab Emirates’ capital without dune bashing is advisable. However, if you’re experiencing a healthy pregnancy, you shouldn’t go on the Dune bashing safari since it’s only slightly bumpier than driving on a mud road. We however wouldn’t suggest the desert safari for any tourists during their last trimester.

What is the cost of the Abu Dhabi Desert Safari?

We have different kinds of tailor-made desert safari morning, evening, overnight packages as per your requirements. Please make use of the contact details to understand more about the deals/offers.

How long does the dune bash soak up the Evening Abu Dhabi desert safari?

Dune bashing is often 40-45 minutes long, including a brief break (stop for the pictures) within the middle of the desert. looking at what you decide on and your comfort level, the dune bashing goes on for about 35-40 minutes. you’re then taken to a Bedouin camp within the middle of the desert, where you’re given a real luxurious Bedouin desert camp experience.

What am I able to expect during a desert safari?

Sand – you’ll find sand everywhere on your desert safari trip. In fact, expect an ocean of sand nearly everywhere! Car Troubles in Desert – the maximum amount as your Marshalls will do their maximum to make sure this won’t happen, but it’s a really rare possibility. Beautiful Scenery – Scenery that’s very different in the aesthetic appeal from sceneries elsewhere within the world.

Car sickness – such sickness is often especially in children, pregnant women, and old people, please do bring along the mandatory medicines to stop them.

Is Dune Bashing Scary?

Dune bashing isn’t suitable for heart patients and clients with neck and back problems. It’s not too scary after all fun-filled. If it’s a completely equipped 4x4wd that you simply often rest assured about the security measures. once you book Evening desert safari / Overnight Desert Safari you’ll also favor skipping the dune bashing session if you can’t tolerate the ride.

How Long Does United Arab Emirates’ capital Desert Safari Take?

Usually about 5 to six hours. But it sometimes also depends on the corporate you booked through. During the normal period, the evening desert safari is about 6 hours at most. It starts from 3:00 – 3:30 pm and ends around 9:30 – 10 pm. It may depend upon the number of individuals joining the ride and also within the order they pick you and drop you off (If it’s a sharing basis desert safari tour).

Have an early and light snack. Wear comfortable and simple clothing. Wearing cotton shorts, lightweight tops or cotton shirts is the best choice of dress. It will be appropriate to carry shawls and jackets for the winter seasons. As the temperature falls down after dawn. Don’t wear heavy boots, instead opt for open shoes and sandals. If you don’t want to get sunburns, wear sunscreen creams. Carry your hat, cap, and sunglasses.