February 24, 2024

Dubai Metro Train is better than the Taxi

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If you live in Dubai and you have your own car, it might be easier for you to drive to work every day than to take the Metro. You also get to choose your own music, eat your breakfast on the go, and talk on the phone while driving.

But if you are a tourist or a student who has just moved to Dubai, it is better for you to use the Dubai Metro train instead of using a taxi because it is cheaper and more convenient.

The Dubai Metro train is much cheaper than taking a taxi. The distance between Jumeirah Lake Towers station and Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall station is only one metro stop away. It will cost you only AED 2.40 instead of paying for the expensive taxi fare of about AED 20.

In addition, the Dubai Metro train does not get stuck in traffic like taxis do during rush hour in the mornings (at around 8:00 am) and in the evenings (starting at around 5:00 pm). This means that you will arrive at your destination faster by using the Dubai Metro train than if you were using a taxi. 

In the past few years, the riders have greatly preferred Dubai Metro. It is a convenient, comfortable, and frequent means of transport to go around Dubai. Here are some of the reasons why you should prefer Dubai Metro over a taxi:

Dubai Metro is very convenient

The metro station is designed to make it easy for passengers to get on and off the train. They can look at the electronic signboards and be informed of the stops and the direction of the train.

Dubai Metro is more comfortable. 

The trains have been designed with comfortable seats with enough legroom. For those travelling long distances, it would be more comfortable than a taxi as there will be minimal traffic congestion.

Dubai Metro offers competitive fares.

If you compare the cost of travel between taxis and Dubai Metro, you will see that there is a significant difference. Although you may not reach your destination as quickly as in a taxi, it is much cheaper than taking a taxi ride. Taking a metro ride will allow you to save money for other activities during your stay in Dubai.

Dubai Metro is the most convenient mode of transport to get around in Dubai. It is fast, cheap, and safe. You can save a lot on your travel costs if you rely on the metro train and avoid taxis. Here are some reasons why you should take the metro train instead of a taxi:

Less Expensive

Taxis are undoubtedly more expensive than the metro train. The fare of the one-way journey in a taxi averages AED 50, while the fare on a metro train is around AED 5 (approximately). You will find that travelling by metro train is always cheaper than going by taxi. Moreover, you can use your NOL card to pay for your metro train ride, which means less hassle and more convenience for you.

Fast and Safe

The Dubai Metro trains run at 100 km/h. They are fast and reliable compared with taxis that often get stuck in traffic jams, especially during peak hours. The Dubai Metro trains have women-only carriages for the convenience of female commuters, which makes them even safer for women travelling alone or with children at night.

Easy Access to All Destinations

The metro trains provide easy access to all destinations across Dubai without having to worry about getting stuck in traffic or finding out bus routes.

It is cheap

Using the metro is super cheap compared to taxis. A one-way trip between any two stations costs 5 AED, up to 1 USD only. Uber is also cheaper than taxis, but you’ll have to pay for data or roaming charges if you are using your phone internationally and usually, Uber fares are higher than metros during rush hour times.

Metro is a well-known option for public transport in Dubai. It is sometimes considered to be the best way to avoid traffic congestion. In fact, it is the world’s longest driverless metro network that has further helped reduce the traffic in Dubai city.

There are different reasons why you should try Dubai Metro at least once. It makes your journey much easier and faster as compared to other options. If you want to get an affordable ride, the metro is a great option.

Benefits of using this service

One of the main benefits of using this service is that it offers discounted fares to students and senior citizens. Moreover, it also offers free rides to people with special needs. These are some major reasons people prefer the metro over taxis and buses.

There are many benefits associated with the use of Dubai metro trains. You can easily buy your ticket by using an NOL card or RTA smart app. If you don’t know how to use these services, then you can easily ask for help from other tourists or locals at the station. Most of them will be happy to provide you with guidance about these services.

The Dubai Metro is a driverless, fully automated metro rail network in Dubai’s United Arab Emirates city. The Red Line and Green Line are operational, with three further lines planned.

These first two lines run underground in the city centre and on elevated viaducts elsewhere (elevated railway). All trains and stations are air-conditioned with platform edge doors to make this possible.

The metro network will have a total length of 75 

(47 mi) and comprise 47 stations when all lines are complete by 2020. The Metro carried 10 million passengers from launch on 9 September 2009 to 9 February 2010 with 11 daily trips per station. It is the first urban train network in the Arabian Peninsula and either the second in the Arab World (after Cairo Metro) or the third (after Algiers Metro). More than 110,000 people, or nearly 10 per cent of Dubai’s population, used the Dubai Metro in its first two months of operation. Serco operates the Dubai Metro under contract to the Dubai Roads & Transport Authority (RTA).

Most advanced metro systems

The Dubai Metro, Dubai’s first metro system, is one of the most advanced metro systems in the world. It carries millions of passengers every day. The metro has revolutionised transportation in the UAE and introduced a new era of mass transport in the country.

The Dubai Metro is a driverless, fully automated system for public rail transport in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Red Line and Green Line are operational, with three further lines planned. These first two lines run underground as well as on elevated viaducts. All trains and stations are air-conditioned with platform edge doors to make this possible. This air-conditioned underground metro system is called Dubai Metro (DM).

In 2008, security at all metro stations was increased by the installation of full-body metal detectors at all entrances. Passengers were required to pass through the detectors before entering or leaving the paid area of each station. Infrared cameras were installed at platforms and inside trains to monitor passenger activities.

The Dubai Metro is fully automated and driverless and consists of 2 lines: Redline & Green Line (the purple line will be opened after 2 years). Each route has different stations with different opening times depending on their locations.

The Dubai Metro has become the fastest-growing transport system in the world, with an average daily ridership of approximately 400,000 passengers. The metro is not only fast, reliable and affordable; it is also extremely safe and clean.

You may be surprised to learn that the metro costs only about half of what a taxi ride costs for an equivalent distance. What’s more, you don’t have to carry change or rely on the honesty of the driver when paying the fare because you can use a prepaid Nol card to pay for your trip at any time during your journey. A Nol card can also be used to pay for other forms of public transport in Dubai, including buses and water taxis. The Nol card also serves as a credit card that you can use to pay for parking fees and other charges at various locations across Dubai.