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sharjah aquarium

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Sharjah Aquarium is a world of aquatic wonders located near Al Khan. The Sharjah Aquarium first open to the public in 2008. The Sharjah Museums Authority runs the aquarium, which is one of the UAE’s largest educational centers. This aquatic place offers tourists a breathtaking voyage through the deep blue waters of the Arabian Gulf. This Sharjah attraction has 20 separate tanks on two floors with a variety of sea species, covering a total space of 6,500 m2.

Visitors can learn about the many marine species as well as the history of Sharjah’s ports and coastal surroundings. The aquarium houses around 150 species, including moray eels, clownfish, reef sharks, seahorses, sea rays, and other aquatic animals. The Sharjah Aquarium, which has two foundations, is highly dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of marine life and how to protect it. So pack your bag with passport and visa, broad a plane for visiting this marine adventures

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Sharjah Aquarium – Location

Sharjah Aquarium Address: Al Khan Area | Al Meena Street | Nearby Sharjah Maritime Museum | Sharjah | UAE

Contact Number: +971-65285288

Official Website: Sharjah Aquarium’s site

Insider Tip: Hiring a taxi is recommended.

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What are the visiting hours for sharjah aquarium?

Visiting Times

Sharjah Aquarium timings are the following:

Saturday to Thursday: 8 am – 8 pm

Friday: 4 pm- 10 pm

Sunday: Closed

Total time required to visit: 01:30 Hrs

Insider Tip: Sharjah Aquarium’s Ramadan or nation holidays timings maybe change.

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How much is the entrance fee at Sharjah Aquarium?

Entrance Fee

Sharjah aquarium entrance fees are the following:

  • Children below 2 years: Free
  • Children (2-12 years): 15 AED
  • Adults: 25 AED

Sharjah aquarium ticket rates are the following: 

  • Children group of 6 or more (2-12 years): 10 AED each
  • Adult group of 6 or above: 15 AED each

Sharjah aquarium tickets price for tourist groups –

  • Children tourist group below 2 years: Free
  • Children tourist group (2-12 years): 10 AED each
  • Adult tourist group (13+ years): 15 AED each

Sharjah aquarium entry fee for Schools –

  • Government school trips: Free
  • Private school trips: 5 AED each

Insider Tip: The Sharjah Aquarium entry tickets include admission to both the aquarium and the adjacent Sharjah Maritime Museum. You can visit both locations in one day with the same ticket. To qualify for discounted admission prices, groups must have a minimum of 6 persons.

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Sharjah Aquarium – Things To Do

The Sharjah Aquarium, for record opened in 2008, introduced the public to the intriguing world of the deep sea. This is an excellent spot to see the native water life that can be found along the emirate’s ancient coasts. But that’s not all: the aquarium is much more than a place to see sea creatures.

Learn Unique Marine Life

How many sea animals can you name and identify? Learn to identify the various types of sea life that exist outside the main classifications. Over 150 marine species that live in the Arabian Gulf waters can be found at Sharjah Aquarium.

The interesting sea rays, usually docile reef sharks, secretive moray eels, delicate seahorses, and stunning clownfish are just the beginning of what you can see. You’ll see coral reefs, mangroves, the Al Khan Lagoon, and the rocky shores that surround it, in addition to the water critters. All age group people get their own package of experience.

Explore the Underwater Ecosystem

The aquarium is more than simply a fun place to visit. It was constructed with the goal of educating the public about the importance of marine life. In 2009, the Sharjah Museums Authority intended to expand the aquarium’s scope by establishing a marine nature reserve. For the past decade, the location has worked to guarantee that aquatic life can reproduce and grow in a safe environment.

Their mission comprises establishing the optimal habitat for coral reef growth while also raising awareness about the dangers of marine pollution and the damage it does to the ecosystem. It works to maintain and preserve the marine environment with the support of professionals and volunteers.

A trip to this fun place will teach you about the dangers of oil spills, land reclamation, as well as overfishing. By understanding how human actions degrade marine life’s natural habitat, one can endeavor to be more mindful of and responsible for the aquatic ecosystem.

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Sharjah Aquarium – Other Facilities

Apart from all the fun and excitement, the place offers a variety of amenities to guarantee that guests have a pleasant as well as relaxed experience. The following facilities are available:

  • Senior adults and people with a strong will have access to wheelchairs.
  • Changing tables for babies in the mothers’ room
  • A café where you may get quick snacks and meals.
  • A place of worship
  • A store that sells gifts
  • Free WiFi
  • Restrooms and elevators
  • There is plenty of parking space.

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Sharjah Aquarium – Nearby Restaurants and Attractions

Nearby Attractions:

The Sharjah Aquarium is conveniently located near most of the Al Khan area’s attractions. The Al Khan Monument, the Al Khan Lagoon, the Al Khan Historical Area, as well as the Sharjah Expo Centre are a few places to must visit. There are a few other neighbouring attractions (as like parks) in addition to these.

Discover these places as well. Khalid Lake (6 km) is around 11 minutes by driving from Sharjah Maritime Museum (200 m). Al Noor Island (6 km) is about a ten-minute drive away. You're in luck if you're seeking beaches in Sharjah. The aquarium is less than a 5-minute drive away, while the Lou Lou's Beach is about 3 km distant as well as only takes about 6-minutes to get to.

Nearby Restaurants:

Although it has a café and restaurants, there are plenty of other options nearby. Sammach (400 m) is within walking distance, while Sanobar Restaurant (2 km) is a 4-minute drive away. Bangkok Town Restaurant is about a 5-minute drive away (3 kilometres) as well as Surat Al Mandi is a 4-minute drive away (2 km).

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